The machine does not print a WASP-supported material well

WASP machines are designed to offer optimal performance with WASP certified materials. This choice was made to ensure the quality and reliability of the product for customers. If you’re having trouble printing a WASP-supported material, there are a few considerations to keep in mind:

STANDARD PROFILES: Make sure you are using the correct standard profile for the material you are using. The profiles are available in the download section of the WASP website and are specific to each extruder.

COMPLEX GEOMETRIES: Advanced materials may require some printing experience, especially when dealing with complex geometries. Make sure your 3D model and print settings are suitable for the specific material you’re using.

MATERIAL GUIDES: WASP provides material guides that provide detailed information on supported materials and best practices for printing. You can check out these guides to get more information about the material you’re using.

SPECIFIC COURSES: WASP also offers specific courses on printing advanced materials. These courses are designed to help you develop advanced skills in printing technical materials.

Remember that even if a material is supported by the machine, you may need to make some adaptations or gain experience in printing it, especially if it is advanced materials.