The machine only gives me problems with a certain G.code

If you’re having trouble with a specific .gcode file, there are a few guidelines to follow to ensure that the file is of good quality and doesn’t cause any problems for your machine. Here are some tips:

NO SPACE IN THE NAME: Make sure that the .gcode file name does not contain any spaces or special characters. Keep it simple and avoid spaces or symbols.

START WITH A STANDARD PROFILE: Always start with a standard print profile that matches your machine and material settings. Change only the settings you need. You can use the specific profiles developed by WASP for each extruder and material, which you can find on the website.

BEWARE OF SCRIPTS: Some slicers allow the use of custom scripts or commands in the .gcode file. Make sure the scripts are correct and don’t cause any running issues.

DON’T CHANGE THE SETTINGS: Don’t  randomly change the settings in the .gcode file if you don’t fully understand the effect. This may cause printing problems.

REMOVE THE FLASH DRIVE/SD PROPERLY: When removing the USB stick or SD card from the computer, make sure to do so safely and avoid abruptly pulling out the storage media.

AVOID STRANGE COMMANDS: Check that the .gcode file does not contain any strange or unusual commands that could cause abnormal behavior in your printer.

DO NOT USE . GCODES CREATED FOR OTHER MACHINES OR EXTRUDERS: .GCODE files are specific to your machine and extruder. Do not use .gcode files created for other machines or configurations.

If you’ve followed these guidelines and you’re still having issues with your .gcode file, it may be helpful to contact a WASP operator for further support.