The plastic on my new SPITFIRE Extruder looks worn

The plastic used for the outer shell of SPITFIRE extruders is designed to be highly resistant to high temperatures and wear, thanks to the use of a technopolymer filled with a significant amount of fiberglass (50%). This gives the material remarkable durability and resistance to high temperatures, allowing the extruders to work for long periods without melting or deformation, even during repeated assembly and disassembly on the machine.

However, this special composition of the plastic can affect the external appearance of the extruder. The matte, uneven finish, with some lighter areas, is the result of the varying density of the fiberglass on the surface of the material. This is a normal appearance and does not affect the functionality or performance of the extruder.

In short, even though the outer plastic of the SPITFIRE extruder may look worn or have an uneven finish, it is designed this way to ensure long life and resistance to high temperatures, which is essential for 3D printing applications.