The printer is noisy

Extruder Cooling Fan

The cooling fan placed on the extruder may be loud if setted to the maximum speed. It’s possible to set the cooling fan speed from the slicing software according to your need.

Moving axes noises

  • Ensure that the noise does not come from the cooling fan placed on the extruder
  • Verify that the four sliders placed under every vertical slide can move correctly. Manually push them slowly from the bottom to the top of the printer. If there is friction contact customer service.
  • Check if the belt transmission bearings placed at the bottom of the printer have the correct fluidity.
  • Check the teeth of the belt. If there are expansions or deformations between the teeth or cuts/damages contact customer service.

Movement motors are losing steps

  • Movement motors are overheating
  • The pulley is not properly fixed to the movement motor shaft
  • Movement motors support is not properly fixed in position.

Extruder impacts

  • Check the printing bed leveling: menu > prepare > manual leveling > position > 00 > 01 > 02 > 03 > 00. Calibrate a distance of about 0.1mm between the tip of the nozzle and the glass plate.
  • Check the dimension of the object that you’re about to print. If the object’s dimensions exceed the maximum size of the printing area the extruder may hit the walls of the printer. Input the correct parameters into the slicing software for the printer in use. (From firmware F20_rev6, F21_rev3 and F30_rev4 there is a software limitation).
  • Check the installed plug-in, disable the pause at Z plug-in or set a movement value that is not greater than the maximum printing area. (From firmware F20_rev6, F21_rev3 and F30_rev4 is present a limitation software).
  • Movement motors are losing steps. See previous paragraph.
  • Check the material flow during the extrusion. A flow percentage over 100% could lead to an accumulation of material over the printed object, causing the extruder to hit this material and make the transmission belts slide over the motor pulley and cause a loss of steps.
  • Check the integrity of the nozzle, if it’s loose it can slightly move down and hit the printed object, making the transmission belts slide over the motor pulley and cause a loss of steps.