Vacuum activation procedures

The VACS, which stands for Vacuum Active Control System, is a fundamental system that your printer uses to ensure a removable print base.

This system offers a number of benefits, including

  • Ability to easily remove print plates after the printing process to make it easier to detach your printed objects
  • Ability to easily replace a print bed if it is damaged
  • Flexibility in the use of print beds made of different materials for greater chemical compatibility with the printing material

Caution: Before proceeding with the position and removal of removable print plates, it is extremely important to verify that the temperature of the print bed is equal to or lower than 50 °C.  Attempting to remove the print plates at higher temperatures may cause severe deformation of the print plates.

To activate the VACS and use it effectively, follow these steps carefully:

CLEANLINESS CHECK: Make sure the aluminum vacuum top is clean. The presence of debris or print debris could hinder the system’s ability to create the necessary vacuum.

POSITIONING THE SILICONE GASKET: Insert the silicone gasket into its intended housing.

VACUUM ACTIVATION: With the door closed, activate the vacuum function using the PRINT > VACUUM command. The switch should switch from the OFF to ON position. Once activated, the control will indicate the ON position, and the pump will start working (this can be heard by the sound of the motor being activated from inside the machine).

POSITIONING THE REMOVABLE BUILD PLATES: Open the door and place the removable build bed on the gasket, centering it accurately. You can make this easier by applying light, even pressure to the deck.

ADHESION CHECK: Check that the platter is firmly anchored to the aluminum vacuum seal. If you notice that the plate is not adhering properly, it means that the operation has failed. If so, repeat the process from the point checking the following aspects:

  • Cleaning the aluminum vacuum top, cleaning it if necessary.
  • The integrity of the silicone gasket, replacing it if necessary.
  • The flatness and integrity of the removable print plate, replacing it if necessary.