Which are the advantages of printing adobe houses made of terrain and straw?

1) the project can be perfectly realized due to the precision of mechanical movements;

2) a customizable designe (architectural shapes designed by geometric modeling softwares);

3) high efficiency and low material consumption (around half less than traditional building methods);

4) fastest-building, we have calculated that 2 men can build a refuge in a week;

5) mixturing straw and terrain, using the extruder designed by WASP, we obtain a fiber-reinforced material like a composite;

6) 3D printing a house is less laborious than traditional techniques;

7) with 3D printing architectural models are improved and become even more efficient sharing knowledge;

8) increasing performances of structural elements filling walls with selected materials (for thermal insulation or other properties);

9) we can create cavity wall, impossible to be obtained with traditional techniques, the aeration canals could be utilized for air-circulation, air-conditioning and air heating system;

10) we’re elaborating a building project for a house against malaria, repelling mosquitoes naturally with essential oils vaporized into aeration canals;

11) the locally obtained printing material could be composed of terrain, or debris of building following an earthquake or natural disasters;

12) WASP’s technology is the best solution for the emergency situations utilizing recycled and minced materials;

 It’s important to remind that a new technology opens new horizons and during researching and developing phases no one knows what the future of 3D printing holds. Everyday we have a lot of new ideas.