What compressor do i need for my 3d printer?

Compressed air is necessary for the operation of LDM 3D printers.

The pressure is used to push the piston inside the tank, in order to make the material flow inside the extruder.

For this reason, a supply of compressed air at a pressure of at least 10 bar is needed at the machine inlet.

The printer only needs pressure when printing and does not draw much air from the compressor, which only turns on when it needs to restore pressure.

The connection must be made with an 8 mm diameter nylon hose (external diameter) connected to the adjustable pressure control valve, mounted on the machine.

WASP recommends a compressor with the following characteristics to power any Delta WASP Clay model:

Capacity: at least 50 liters;
Pressure: at least 10 bar;
Oil/oil-free: preferably oil-free;
Silenced: preferably yes.

A compressor like the one mentioned above allows you to power up to a maximum of 3 Delta WASP Clay printers.

It is recommended not to connect other devices and accessories to the compressor dedicated to the printer.

Compressors with lower capacities could cause discontinuity in pressure.

The pressure control is present on the machine so it is not necessary for the compressor to be near the printer.