What is the knob for?

The machines of the Industrial series are equipped with a TFT touch screen for the interface and control of the machine. They also feature a knob as an additional control and navigation tool to simplify interaction with the printer interface, allowing users to adjust values and quickly exit menus or messages without having to touch the touch screen.

  • ADJUSTMENT: The knob wheel can be used to adjust the values shown on the TFT touch screen. By turning the knob clockwise or counterclockwise, you can increase or decrease the values displayed in various commands or settings. This feature is useful for making precise changes to printer parameters or other settings.
  • ESC (Exit): While navigating the printer interface or when overlay messages appear, you can press the knob to exit sub-menus or close messages. This works similarly to a computer’s “ESC” key and allows you to return to the main menu or undo actions in progress without interrupting operations such as printing or calibrating the printer.