What parameters are adjustable during the print?

While printing there are some parameters that can be changed during the printing process.
However, it is increasingly correct to create a new .gcode from the slicing software with the modified values, especially with a view to code repeatability.

  • This feature only makes sense in experimental contexts and is not intended as a good practice.
  • The changes made during printing will NOT be saved in the gcode which will remain intact.
  • The gcode is not “split” but only read differently
  • The modified parameters of Feedrate (speed) and Flow (flow) and Fan (fans) remain saved until the machine is restarted
  • The modified temperature parameters are not saved at the end of the printout

Temperatures (nozzles, floor, hot chamber):

These are expressed in degrees centigrade (° C). By default those in the gcode are read.

To change them you need to:

  • click the respective box on the monitoring screen.
  • type the new target value on the keyboard and confirm
  • check that the target temperature updates (this may take a few seconds)

TUNE menu (speed, flow, fans):

There are speed (feedrate), flow (flow) and fans (fan) values

To change them you need to:

  1. During printing, click on the TUNE button
  2. Select by clicking the parameter to be modified, it is highlighted
  3. Once highlighted, turn the knob on the side of the screen to change the value
  4. Click the knob to confirm the change.