What to do if material comes out from above the extruder

If you notice that material is leaking from the top of the extruder when 3D printing, it’s likely that the problem is caused by a material that’s too soft. This can occur if the clay or ceramic material does not have the correct consistency for printing.

CHECK THE CONSISTENCY OF THE MIXTURE: Make sure that the clay or ceramic mixture is prepared correctly. You can refer to the guidelines provided in the FAQ above on how to check if the clay is ready to be used for 3D printing.

PAUSE PRINTING: Stop the printing process immediately if you notice material leaking out of the extruder. Allowing printing to continue under these conditions could cause damage to the extruder or even block it completely.

It’s important to understand that material that is too soft can not only affect print quality but also damage your printer’s extruder. Pay close attention to the preparation of the material and its texture before starting.