Why does the extruder seem crooked? Why is one of the nozzles covered?

Is your machine new but the extruder seems wrong with respect to the plate?
Is one of the two nozzles covered with a silicone part?
All these characteristics are normal and depend on the operation of the Zen X extruder.

The Zen X extruder mounted as standard in the Delta WASP Industrial X series is a double extruder based on a tilting system.
Its mechanics provide two positions in which the extruder can settle by pivoting on an axial pin.

POSITION 1: the extruder is inclined to the left, with the left nozzle uncovered (called the left extruder or primary extruder).
POSITION 2: the extruder is inclined to the right, with the right nozzle uncovered (called the right extruder or secondary extruder).

Manually forcing the extruder into positions other than these can also compromise it in an important way.

The white silicone protection (called anti-ooze shield protection) under the extruder is needed to physically cover the nozzle not in use. It will prevent it from getting dirty during printing.
It is therefore important that it is properly fixed on the extruder and if it wears out over time, replace it with a spare.