We are all together against Covid

Covid is spreading across the Globe and even if we read News on the Web, nobody really knows how to react to this illness. More and more people need to autoisolate at the first coughing fit and they often can’t be checked by the Doctor. What can we do in these situations? How can we know if breathing symptoms and fatigue are related to Covid?

WASP solution with HRS

WASP, in partnership with Doctor Giorgio Noera, internationally renowned Heart Surgeon of HRS (Health Research and Development SRL), has set up a Self-evaluation and Self-medication Kit that permits to manage first days of sickness and to understand when call E.R. Number.

Dr. Giorgio Noera is expert in Sanitary Emergencies thanks to his work as
Member of the Technical Scientific Committee of Military Health and of the Ministry of Defense. He is also a Professor in Distater Medicine at the Modena University.

How does it work?

Legenda that explains how to read the flowchart for Covid Self-evaluation and Self-medication

Through a scoring system, where the highest numbers are linked to the most severe symptoms, everybody can self-diagnoses the illness, the level of danger and respond with over-the-counter drugs. If the score result exceeds a certain threshold, the test suggests to call the Doctor for high suspicion of Covid Illness and If health parameters results are abnormal, the test urges to call E.R. number.

Flowchart for Covid-19 self-evaluation

Covid Flowchart for Self evaluation and self medication

This Flowchart makes possible to reduce the movement of people in the Hospital Emergency Rooms: the goal is to decrease alarmism and to avoid understimation of symptoms. In this way Hospital’s Rooms will be less overcrowded and the circulation of the Virus reduced.

Easy to use

The advices are not only about medications: the chart suggests also lifestyle tips, supplements and other ideas to control the disease. It is simple and easy to use: in a short time You can know the severity of the illness, wherever You are.

The test doesn’t replace Doctor’s recommendations, but It permits to people to quickly react to the sickness from the first day and It warns the patient if his conditions are critical and It is necessary to call the E.R. Number.

Breathing exercises

There are a lot of exercises to train the breathing, the most common is sitting with straight back, inhale deeply and then exhale slowly. Repeat the exercise each time you need to calm down your Mind or to increase your Oxygen Saturation level, that needs to stay over 94.

Yoga Videos for Deep breathing

These videos contain demonstrations to improve your deep breathing practice. They have been created by Yoga Therapy, an indipendent organization of doctors and therapists that discloses Therapeutic Yoga.

Yoga therapy

Yoga Therapy aim is to share the knowledge of Yoga, ancient discipline, used in the past to treat and heal soul and body.
They promote this alternative therapy in a scientific and medical way, and they are really open to help people in this process.

Yoga Training

Yoga Therapy also freely trains Yoga Teachers to take action in the local territory, helping people to deal with stress, strenghten their immunitary system and improve their pulmonary capacity. To do this, they use Pranayama techniques.

If you are a Yoga Teacher and you want to contact them, you can call them at number 376.0130625 or writing an email to richiesta.yogatherapy@gmail.com.


HRS Health Research and Development, organization that works in natural sciences and engineering fields

HRS, Health Research and Development works in Natural Sciences and Engineering fields.

GSL Giardino di Santa Lucia, Nursing Home and medical office

Giardino di Santa Lucia is a Nursing Home and a Medical Office.

Italian Honorary Consulate, Cancùn – Isla Mujeres – Yucatàn