The Porzio and WASP medical skills meet to project innovative solutions with 3d printing.

Live and love your Limitless Life is Fabio Secci’ mantra, surf paralimpic athlete  who learned how to face up to his life challanges with passion and tenacity. On 4 May, from London, he came to the orthopedic company Porzio in Udine for the design of a prosthesis he himself describes as an “artwork”, whose father is the engineer Marco Avaro. In less than 18 hours, the Porzio team developed a lightweight (less than 800gr) prosthesis with a complex shape, totally 3D printed (including headphone parts) with a Delta WASP 4070 printer.


“I am totally satisfied with the result,” Marco Avaro says, “it took less than 18 hours to achieve an absolutely perfect extension, characterized by extreme sturdiness thanks to a new conception filament”.

With this new prosthesis on May 29, the athlete, Fabio Secci, has been very successful at his first Triathlon held at Dorney Lake, UK (where the Olympic Games took place in 2012), fulfilling 400 meters of swimming, 10 km of bike and 2,5 km of racing. The upcoming competitions where the new extension is going to be tested are many, including the tough mudder, 10km hurdles where the athlete aims to cut the finish line along with other adaptive athletes like him.

Fabio Secci was the first Sardinian to represent Italy in the stand category at the International Surfing World Championship in California in 2016. He is an instructor for Adaptive Wakeboarders in wakeplus and wakeupdocklands. With the purpose of transmitting his love for sport, he founded F-Yourlimit in London, a project that aims to introduce new adaptive athletes to the Water Sports world with the purpose of helping them to push beyond their limit simply trying to live a life in harmony with themselves and their own body. In addition, this project aims to support the research on innovation and development in sport field.


Fabio’s mission is linked to the new 4.0 route, undertaken by Porzio with the introduction of the five PorzioLAB 3D printers by WASP, a leading company that designs and produces 3D printers entirely made in Italy.

Sardinia Wakeboarding from fabio secci on Vimeo.

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