WASP wins the prize in the “Innovation” category of the Motore Italia Emilia-Romagna Awards 2023

Premio "Innovazione" Motore Italia Emilia-Romagna Awards 2023

“Creativity, innovation, and pragmatism are the values ​​that inspire the entrepreneurs of Emilia-Romagna, as well as the themes at the center of the Motor Italy event of Class Editori. […] Massimo Moretti, president of WASP, wants to take one more step: his goal is “to take technology and put it at the service of everyone”.

Stefano Galli, giornalista di Milano Finanza, su WASP nell’articolo dedicato all’evento pubblicato il 15 luglio.
Massimo Moretti Motore Italia Emilia Romagna Awards Milano Finanza

On 12 July 2023, on the stage of the Motore Italia Emilia-Romagna Awards, Massimo Moretti receives the award in the Innovation category for the results achieved by WASP in the field of 3D manufacturing.

The initiative “Motore Italia Awards” by Class Editori was created to give recognition to local small-medium enterprises that have achieved excellent results in the world of industry and services.

The event encompasses awards and conferences, featuring more than 26 speakers who represent the entrepreneurial landscape of Emilia-Romagna. Milano Finanza has taken charge of filming and broadcasting the event through all their channels, including an article in the newspaper dated 15th July 2023.

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