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A self-sufficient and eco-sustainable 3D printed house

On the occasion of the Italian Tech Week, WASP presented Itaca: a self-sufficient 3D printed house that uses the most innovative technologies of Space Economy to create a new eco-sustainable housing model.


 hydroponic cultivation
circular self-sufficient house

"Getting a place as harsh as the moon to be inhabited is hard to imagine, but science says it can be done. Why don't we apply the same technologies here on Earth, to get even the most extreme environments to be hospitable?Massimo Moretti, founder of WASP

Itaca is an ecosystem that makes use of the technologies necessary to live in space in order to improve the quality of life in areas with scarce water, food and industrial fabric.

The project is designed to make a group of 4 people independent, making them able to live without electricity, water and gas connections.

Food, water and energy self-sufficiency in a 33 meters diameter

The project is based on the thesis that, on Earth, a space of 33 meters in diameter is sufficient to make up to 4 people independent.

Itaca represents a selection of technical solutions optimized to create a circular micro economy, while maintaining the environmental balance.

Itaca is a collective research and development model

The digitization of collective knowledge and digital manufacturing are the processes that guide the development of the project.

Itaca proposes itself as a collective research and development model, where all the solutions implemented are digitized and shared.

A 3D printed house with zero kilometer materials

The main structure of Itaca will be printed by Crane WASP using natural local materials.

The project consists in a 3D printed house developed with zero kilometer materials, in which digital manufacturing and knowledge provide us with food, energy and economic independence.

WASP IAAC 3d print extruder

"For us at WASP, Itaca represents a path towards food, water, energy and economic self-sufficiency. A proposal for a solution to the social, energy, climate, and mass migration crisis. For us, 3D printing and digitization are a response to the needs of humanity "Massimo Moretti, founder of WASP

WASP has already purchased the land for the construction of Itaca

WASP believes in the project, and has already purchased a plot of land near Bologna, where it will build the first Itaca over the next year.

Itaca is a training project, an open-source laboratory in which everyone is invited to participate.

building plot for Itaca in Imola