A Delta WASP 4070 produces design-pieces


Untill October 7th WASP and Mamou-Mani are hosts of AA [n + 1] – Architecture & Analysis transdisciplinary project, in Paris, an independent organization of curators promoting transdisciplinary events between art and architecture. Here, in the exhibition halls of rue de Cléry, London, the French architect Arthur Mamou-Mani based in London,  conducts digital manufacturing labs and produces design objects and pieces with a 3D printer, a Delta WASP 4070.

During the Paris workshops, participants are printing decorative items such as lamps, chairs and stools using the Delta WASP 4070 and Grasshopper software for Rhinoceros3D and Silkworm, a free plugin to generate Gcode.

WASP Hub London

Arthur was at our premises in Massa Lombarda, last February, and during his visit we spoke about Silkworm, the instrument used by the architect, to realize his creation from the dense network casing, that looks like spider-knitted. Silkworm, works on the extruder-route and movement.

In his London studio (that waks also as WASP HUB), Arthur Mamou-Mani mixes architecture and design and was prized and rewarded several tims for his originality and for his innovative vision,

One of his most recent and most spectacular project is the installation called “Tangential dreams”, built for the 2016 edition of the Burning Man festival, a 8 days festival which takes place every year, at Black Rock City, on the salty Black Rock Desert in Nevada (practically nowhere), during this festival every partecipant is free to arrange, organize and perform showrooms exhibitions and performances.

Architect and Maker

Made up of a crowdfunding campaign, “Tangential Dreams” is a sinuous tower created by a digital project and created with zero-cost materials, thin pieces of wood placed one over the other and following a rotation around a central axis. “The Beginning of Many Dreams”, a work that everyone can interpret as he wants. “This project shows how an architect becomes a maker through digital manufacturing” – says Arthur. Connect your computer to the machine and make a virtual project real. The goal was to create an artistic project able to meet the requirements of the self radical expression  with  respect for the environment. ”

New Fontiers for Architecture

In addition, Arthur and his team have also given shape,  by 3D printing , to all the furnishings of London’s “FoodInk”, the world’s first restaurant that is entirely made up of 3D printed objects, to which WASP also contributed. “The physical world and the digital world are meeting – the architect concludes – today we can produce architecture as it has never been done before. We can create incredibly sophisticated buildings with cheap materials and intelligent connections, integrating cultural and natural forces into design with no man material  contribution”.