Here we are with a big 3D printed object, a Millennium Falcon made with a DeltaWASP 4070. After 72 hours’ wait for this result, good or bad, judge for yourselves!
Certainly a nerd pride that many people in the office have already tried to steal with different justifications, such as: “I’ll take the Millennium Falcon showing to my friends, don’t worry I’m going to take back…”.

.stl from_

3d printed with DeltaWASP 40 70_

printig time_ 72h

nozzle_0.7 mm

layer height_ 0.2 mm

material PLA Blu WASP_

millennium falcon 3d printing_-2millennium-falcon-3d-printing_-4millennium falcon 3d printing_-6millennium falcon 3d printing_-7