Have been passed two centuries in two years, from the first self-made solid printers.  The first Wasp printers, which were ones of the most accurate of the moment, have been overtaken with a daily print experience in these years. The heart of changing  is the extruder.

An extruder is composed by a support tube which is made of teflon in the inside and covered by inox steel,  this duct ends in a meld chamber. Inox steel was chosen for the cover of the tube becouse of his characteristic of being a bad heal conductor: heal rises from the meld chamber and it risks of liquefy the plastic filament before the right moment, when it is still inside the support tube. To solve this problem in the old extruder, the 3mm one, the passage before the meld chamber was larger, so, even if the filament became larger because of the healing the friction doesn’t grow too much.

We created a new extruder, infinitely more precise. The filament is 1.75 mm. Copper filaments have been added to the support tube, in that way the can burn off the healing of the meld chamber. There is also a fan who ventilates the tube. So we can use thinner plastic filaments and which are more precise in the deposit fase. This is one of te news that we will present to Maker Fair in Rome. But there are several surprises.




This has been possible thanks to the ones who supported us at the beginning, that’s way we want to offer the chance to keep walking together. In fact, to have new surprising results with an old Wasp printer it is only necessary to change the extruder. In an era where objects are thrown away to be changed with new models we belive that the real progress is to avoid any kind of waste. We want our printers around the world keep working and keep doing it always better. On the other hand for the ones who have a very old model without display we can only offer a discount on a new printer.

Thanks to everybody who support us and who believed in our project, our Wasp printers allow us to follow our dream of a 3D printed house. We are very close to do it, but you will see it in Rome very soon.

In the pictures you can see the pieces that our new extruder 1.75 can realize, we want to launch an open challenge to everybody who wants to print so precise pieces with their printer, we will send you the files! 😉