Arche 3d as a WASP hub thanks to the connection with the cardiologist Jean Bassmaji president of AMAR, the association of Reggio Emilia that deals with humanitarian aid for Syria has produced a collaboration. The aim is to set up a laboratory for manufacture of higher artificial limbs at the Damascus University of Mechanical Engineering in the course of Bio Medical Engineering. The purpose is to design, produce and distribute arts or parts of them to war mutilates for free and without distinction of age, sex, ethnicity or religion .

The laboratory consists of two 3D printers Delta WASP 2040 TURBO2 and a 3D scanner offered by the WASP company.

The project is based on a consolidated process of the application of the new digital manufacturing technologies through several steps:

  • the scanning of the stump of the amputee,
  • the digital data processing,
  • the possible modification of project files already elaborated for the correct sizing or for the different dysfunction,
  • the 3d printing of the same arts and the subsequent composition of the same.

PROJECT ONE HAND FOR SYRIA: 3d printed prosthetic limbs for Damascus University.


Type: modular

3d Printer: Delta WASP 2040 TURBO2

Scanner: 3D sense

The AMAR association is committed to supporting the cost of materials needed for a calendar year. Any assistance and advice related to the equipment provided and possibly a training course via SKYPE will be carried out by Arche 3D. They will also eventually will undertake to process the data retrieved from the University and to support the project even remotely by sending the files to be printed or by sending the projects in order to make the operation more effective.

In parallel, an online database will be created and shared for the cases addressed in so as to have easier access to various types of possible cases of amputation and therefore an optimized response over time and in the design modalities in order to make the process better is faster.

Arche is already in contact with the University to develop an online layout of the possible laboratory, which will be effectively active once the machines arrive at their destination, expected for the month of May, following an on-site visit by part of the Di Arche 3d team and Dr. Bassmaji.

The aim of the project is to produce as many prosthetics as possible, at full capacity it is possible to structure two per day, one per printer, which is to train and disseminate knowledge on the use of additive manufacturing technologies and digital design, for the possibility with the same machines and the same process of designing and producing objects and components useful to humankind.

PARTNERSHIP: Comune di Reggio Emilia, Comune di Mantova, Fondazione Mondinsieme, Associazione AMAR, WASP, Arche 3d, Creative Lab, Università di Damasco, Fab Lab Mantova, HelpyTechnology, NUR.