3D printing is strictly bounded to Fourth Industrial Revolution becouse it consents to everybody who has the knowledge (or the chance to reach it) the instruments to transform a project into an object. After the advent of industrialization the chance of production was concentrated in a few people’s hands. Thanks to 3D printing everybody can produce what he needs, this kind of approach is the new handicraft or digital handicraft.

Sadly, 3D printing isn’t a solution yet but just a trend. That’s becouse of the use of plastic materials which aren’t functional in everyday life. Materials aren’t fitting the evolution of shapes that a 3D printers can do, a beautiful PLA vase has esthethic  contents that are limited becouse of the functional lack, an object like this doesn’t fit for sale.

Wasp means to make a step towards handicraft and self-made, self-production. So we choose to print with functional materials that come from tradition and can be used in our lives, just like ceramic, clay, metal clay. This isn’t only a step towards handicraft but to the world we would like.

Our leading idea is hanicraft and self-production, we try to create processes to support the progress and people’s health. For this reason we don’t produce only printers but also the chance to make real things, to make a change.




In the picture a ceramic work printed by Jonathan Keep and a PLA vase printed by DeltaWasp