Potenza Lab, commissioned by the Basilicata Region, presented innovative projects related to 3D printing at Expo 2017, in Astana (Kazakhstan).


A Delta WASP 2040 traveled to Astana, Kazakhstan last August. The capital city of the state that works as connecting point between Europe and Asia,  harbours  Expo 2017, and  the one who has taken there our Delta WASP 2040 is 3D ART Revolution of Potenza, a 360-degree workshop on 3D printing and WASP partner.

The  Matera Stones

“We got the assignment for the layout of the pavilion dedicated to the Italian region in the Expo 2017,  from the Basilicata Region – says Sergio Lo Sardo of 3D ART Revolution. Basilicata was linked in particular to the promotion of Matera 2019, a city designated as the European Capital of Culture, so we  were invited to make a project on this subject. The Expo as well was dedicated to innovation, new technologies and energy saving, so the Region has thought of us as a lab of innovative processes.”


The Delta WASP 2040, the most manoeuvrable and easily transportable printer, began to produce, under the carefull visitors’ eyes,  the skyline’s miniature images of Matera stones together with any kind of objects – at the same time a backstage screen showed, images of daily work in the 3D ART Revolution lab.


So much interest in 3D printing

“There was a lot of curiosity, because Kazakhstan with its autonomy , is now an evolving country, coming out from a marginal trade-position caused by the restricted Russian governement, that has kept the country far away from the new technology  for a long time, and is trying to recover the lost time and to  develop these possibilities in the best way. It is a country rich of raw materials but still lacking in advanced technological expertise, infact many businessmen came to visit us in order to understand how a 3D printer works. Moreover – Mr. Sardo continues – even our politicians have been satisfied. We can state we have been successful  in the Padiglione Italia: really a large quantity of people came just to see the 3D printer. We have transformed this curiosity into a series of meetings with the several businessmen . We wanted to understand which are their needs in order to develop innovative processes in the best way possible: it’s not easy to create a business in a country like this, but it’s a great challenge.”

3D ART Revolution is a franchise brand that allows you to open a “modern” mini-factory with low investment; the goal is to create a widespread 3D printing service network across the country,  offering all the services coming from the 3D printing technology;  real mini 3D factories, small local factories and development centers for new projects close to citizens.