MY SPACE HELMET: Drip protection ventilated Helmet with integrated filter

ventilated helmet

An air-conditioned, ventilated helmet with a controlled space. A positive pressure protective Helmet. This is my space, the result of a few days of experimentation that has allowed us to pass, in only three days, from a prototype to the first production for internal use, all thanks to digital manufacturing.

This device wants to fulfil the prerogative to go close to another person without the risk of contamination. The ventilated helmet is made of light and transparent plastic material, it is easy to wear and creates a personal protected space.

Nose, mouth, eyes, ears, everything is enclosed in a pressurized casing and once worn you have a feeling of protection, without the limitation of breathing capacity caused by the masks.

The fresh and clean air comes from above, while at the ears area, small holes allow the sound to enter. The holes are protected by air-flow out which can be closed if desired.

Ventilated Helmet - MY SPACE HELMET - 02

The fan is powered by a battery for several hours. The ventilation and feeding system are 3D printed using Delta WASP 4070 INDUSTRIAL 4.0. Their .stl files are available for download.

Now the first 5 ventilated Helmets are ready. These are non-certified devices that WASP will internally test to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses and then give them to the front-line operator for testing.

Open-source project: Here you can find the cutting-design the .stl files of the components, the list of the commercialized parts.

With the publication of this technical application and its replicable process, we do not want to replace the use of surgical medical devices in any way. Our team is available for the development of technical-scientific projects at the service of the community.

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