Rigodon Theatre

Written and directed by Alessandro Cavoli

With Eleonora Cantarini, Ugo Carlini, Lorenzo Cordara, Anna Mingarelli,Alessandro Cavoli.

Music by Mattia Caroli e i fiori del male

Video: Ugo Carlini, Francesca Moretti, Nicola Schiavarelli

With the partecipation of Quinto Veda

Shamballa is about the way of realization, the dualism between dream and reality and the power that moves the actualization of the thought. It’s the tale of a man that is searching the ideal and concrete realization of a perfect city. The performance is inspired by the Massimo Moretti’s concept of the city of Tomorrow, from the myth of the city of Shamballa, from Borges, Calvino, and by the character of Apollonius of Tyana (the first westerner that travelled searching the city of Shamballa). Shamballa like a huge installation: theatre, dance, video, live music. The performance born from the suggestion of the Big Delta 12 m, that became a stage machinery, a theatre. We elaborate “the new” looking to the stage machinery from the Greek drama, to the refined baroque theatre elaboration, arriving today to a machine that is also a theatre space. This rehearsal, that we want to share with the audience, will take place on Saturday 19 September at 9 p.m.

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