The WASP’s Technological Village is working non-stop these days at the open-air construction site, in Massa Lombarda (Ravenna). We are proceeding with experiments from Monday to Friday whereas during Weekends we plan following activities. Now WASP invites all the Makers and everybody interested to partecipate and actively contribute to the building of the first house entirely printed with eco-friendly, locally found, materials (a mixture of terrain and straw kneaded with a mixing machine and a motor hoe).

The working method is simple: for every problem we look for the best solution. Everyday we are learning more and more, managing small and big problems and trying to solve them. The test we started the last Saturday seems impressive and we have decided to continue to print till the conclusion of the first habitable module.

First experiences have taught us a lot. The mixture of terrain and straw is light and strong. Now we have a 50-centimeter-high wall, extruding more than 400 quintal of material.

IMG_7454 (FILEminimizer)

The way now is open and the performance will be finished destroying the prototype, so the raw material will be cultivable again. The keyword of the Technological village is “DIY”. We want to build a new Economy Vision based on a self-sufficient Society able to produce basic requirements in many fields: Housing, Food, Employment, Healthcare, Education and Art.

At the Shamballa Technological Village the BigDelta prints and WASP is organizing open-air workshops inviting all the Makers to partecipate.

During the next days we’ll bring to Shamballa other WASP’s printers. For example the Delta WASP 3MT, a machine able to print plastic pellet or, changing the extruder, semi-fluid materials (such as geopolymers and clay) and, with an other tool, can mill and cut different types of materials.

In fact at the Technological Village we will produce house furnitures and it will be the theme of the first open-air workshop that will start the next Saturday the 23rd July. Who is interested partecipating is welcome to use WASP’s printers. The next workshops, always at weekends, will concentrate on vertical vegetable gardens (aromatic spirals), ceramic plates printing and kilns construction.

Some friends from the FabLab Venezia worked with us some days ago. We invite all the Makers who want to turn dreams into action to come here in Shamballa.