The prize by Symbola and Fassa Bortolo

WASP is one of the winners of the Symbola foundation and Fassa Bortolo’s prize on 100 Italian architectural conservation stories, in the section material and technology.
A hundred stories about innovation, sustainabiliy and beauty: the aim is to tell the best conservation works in Italian territory in order to enhance the richness of the architecture.

100 italian architectural conservation stories prize by symbola e fassa bortolo

Symbola Foundation

Symbola Foundation for Italian Quality does research, project and events to underline the quality of companies that focus on innovation, creativity and human resources.
In fact, from 2005 Symbola promotes and researches Italian beauties, through key values based on Green economy, Culture and social cohesion. It cooperates with specialized institutions to better analyze italian companies actions and make quality papers.

The WASP winner project

WASP won the prize thanks to his work done in partnership with Parma FabLab and 3D ArcheoLab: the reconstruction of a Kantharos. It is done through non invasive 3D scans. Kantahros was a drinking cup used in V century b.C. by Greek and Etruscan, and this in particular represents Sileno and Menade decorations.
The cup’s copy, printed with Delta WASP 4070, is exhibited in the Etruscan Museum of Marzabotto for blind people.

WASP also scanned 28 decorative statues in the Pompei archeologic area in partnership with the Special Superintendence for cultural heritage. After that, the models were printed and located in Ottavio Quartione and Marco Lucrezio’s Domus.
The printed copies are almost identical to the real pieces, thanks to the quality of the details; original ones are preserved in Torino.

Symbola book closed of the prize 100 italian stories for future building
SYmbola book of the prize Symbola book closed of the prize 100 italian stories for future building in front of Gaia

The prize of 2019

Also in 2019 WASP was among the winners, but in anoter field: “100 italian stories for future building“. It was a research on Italian Companies that worked in the building industry that stood up for innovative projects.

The research was made in partnership with Fassa Bortolo and the Triennale di Milano, with field’s experts and MadeExpo such as technical partner.
The prize was given for Gaia3D printed house with Crane WASP technology using natural materials from the surrounding area.