DELTA WASP 3D printers collaborate in the investigations of the Italian Police

Polizia scientifica

WASP, thanks to its dealer “RS Components”, participated in the creation of an innovative 3D printing lab for the Central Anti-Crime Direction of the Italian Police.

Rendering in 3D del Laboratorio realizzato per la Direzione centrale Anticrimine della Polizia di Stato
Render of the Laboratory created for the Central Anti-Crime Direction of the Italian Police

Into this innovative laboratory there are some Delta WASP 3d printers, thermoplastic filaments, fluid materials and customized electronic benches, chosen to satisfy the operators' specific needs. The 3D printing lab will be improved soon with additional technologies, to better intercept the changing needs of a constantly evolving sector like this one.

Ingresso Laboratorio
Laboratory entrance

To meet the extremely specific needs and requirements of the Central Anti-Crime Direction of the Italian Police, 3D printers have been supplied with extruders both for plastic polymers (FDM) and for fluid-dense materials (LDM). Now this laboratory represents a real technological innovation hub, the only one in the Italian panorama that attracts interest from the other law enforcement agencies too.
The printers chosen for this technological innovation hub are: Power WASP, Delta WASP 2040 TURBO2, Delta WASP 4070 INDUSTRIAL, Delta WASP 60100 and Delta WASP 4070 Pro (equipped with the Clay Kit for ceramics).

Stampante 3d professionale Delta WASP 4070 INDUSTRIAL

Our aim is to respond to the primary man’s needs such as home, food, energy, art, health and of course safety using the 3D printing technology.

Visita al laboratorio del Capo della Polizia  di Stato Franco Gabrielli
Visit to the laboratory of the Italian Police Chief Franco Gabrielli

Delta WASP 2040 PRO


The WASP's 3D printer icon turns in
Delta WASP 2040 PRO

The new Delta WASP 2040 PRO prints thermoplastic and ceramic materials
Ideal for digital fabrication and schools.

From micro to macro, how we funded the WASP project.

If there is a printer that more than all embodies the 3D printing Made in Italy’s essence, this is certainly the Delta WASP 2040. Small, fast, precise: with its unique style has become hugely popular. It allowed WASP to progress in its mission to respond to human needs: home, health, energy, food, art and culture. By purchasing Delta WASP 2040 a lot of people over the years helped WASP’s project of building the BIG Delta 12M, the world’s largest 3D printer.

The message is: "small subtle thoughts take shape".
Working in small to dream big, that's how we financed our project. Every WASPer who bought a Delta WASP 2040 saw in small what we dreamed big. Often, by printing with the extruder for clay small imaginary dwellings.

Delta WASP 2040, WASP's Icon

Delta WASP 2040 is the most famous printer of the Italian company led by Massimo Moretti, now become a true icon in the world of 3D printing. Constantly evolving to meet the most complex requirements, it is now available in the new Delta WASP 2040 PRO version, fed to itself and increasingly performing in the printing of thermoplastic and ceramic materials.

Print clay and filament in schools

Ideal for digital fabrication, the new machine has high quality mechanics, contains all the WASP's innovation and has been designed, studied and built to meet the demands of an increasingly competitive market. Delta WASP 2040 PRO can print thermoplastic materials and clay. Positioned in a medium price range, it is also the ideal printer for the school world.

The speed of Delta WASP 2040 TURBO2 in an entry level printer

High print speed, reliability, high quality, are the driving factors of WASP research and development, together with the versatility and the ever increasing ease of use of the machines. The new printer is configured with the SPITFIRE EXTRUDER, extruder for fast, high quality prints.

Delta WASP 2040 PRO technical features

You can mount the extruder for ceramic materials LDM WASP EXTRUDER. Made of aluminum and PMMA, with non-deformable steel-loaded belts, it is equipped with an autocalibration system and a rectified printing surface that guarantees the best performance over time. The BOWDEN is suspended, to make work faster and minimize the weight on the extruder.

Furthermore, like all WASP printers, the Delta WASP 2040 PRO contains the RESURRECTION SYSTEM, the system that automatically resumes interrupted printing in the event of accidental shutdown or sudden power failure. The FREE Z-SYSTEM allows you to restart from the height of interruption of the print.

Simplify3D® compatible with all the WASP's 3D printers

Simplify3D® Software

Improve your print quality with the most powerful 3D printing software available. Simplify3D® provides complete control over your print settings, making it easier than ever to create high-quality 3D prints.
Start up quickly with pre-configured settings optimized for WASP 3D printers, review a simulation of your build sequence in the Preview Mode, and begin your 3D print with confidence. Total control means amazing 3D prints!

Simplify3D® Software is now available in our shop

  • The product is an electronic download that is emailed following your purchase.
  • The software is cross platform and can be installed on Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux systems.
  • The software is viewable in English, German, Spanish, Japanese, French or Italian.
  • System Requirements: Intel Pentium 4 or higher processor, 2GB or more of RAM. Windows XP or greater, Mac OS X 10.6 or greater, Ubuntu Linux 12.10 or greater. OpenGL 2.0 capable system. An internet connection is required for the installation and continued use of the software.

Simplify3D® Software and Delta WASP 3MT INDUSTRIAL 4.0

Delta WASP 3MT INDUSTRIAL 4.0 and Simplify3D® is a perfect match! The Simplify3D license is included with the purchase of our Delta WASP 3MT INDUSTRIAL 4.0 3D printer.
Expand your printing options with Simplify3D®, the powerful 3D printing software that gives you total control for amazing 3D prints.

Maimed in a minefield, now Niazai can run again with a 3D printed prosthesis

Niazai comes from Afghanistan. Some years ago he blew up for a minefield explosion.

“I met him for the first time in Trieste – says Eng. Marco Avaro – he was using a sort of plastic prosthesis made as best he can and fixed with rags. The stump was bad, some edemas were becoming infected”.

Immediately Marco made for him a new provisional prosthesis, free of charge. But Niazai needed also a house and food, so the Ics of Trieste (Consorzio italiano di solidarietà – Ufficio rifugiati) found a solution.

He became Refugee with the Dublin Regulation, Niazai obtained the Residency Permit and Health Care from the Ass 1 (Azienda servizi sanitari) of Trieste.

Now Marco has made a new prosthesis 3D printed with a Delta WASP 2040 TURBO and, as you can see in the video, Niazai can walk again. “See the eyes of this man – says Marco Avaro – Could you put a barbed wire between you and him?”.

A 14-years-old girl with a Delta 2040 WASP conquering the world

Myrijam Stoetzer is a German girl who lives in Duisburg. Some time ago Myrijam wrote to Massimo Moretti that she had received a prize money that she would like to invest in a new research project. She would like to buy a 3D printer Delta WASP 2040 TURBO and she shyly requested a discount.

We had a look to her biography and we recognized an extraordinary girl who had already won a lot of prizes, in particular, we appreciate her project about a wheelchair directable with eyes. So, we decided to give her a printer.

Some days ago Myrijam and her friend Finja informed us They've won a prize with a new interesting project.

Now Myrijam is studying for the Intel Isef (International Science and Engineering Fair) of Phoenix, USA. It's the most important science competition for high school students.

Good luck Myrijam!

Delta WASP 2040 become TURBO


While we were projecting and building the BigDelta printer, we bumped in a huge problem that we never met before: the control board (Arduino Mega) didn’t afford the amount of data that are necessary to move the motor’s axes.

It seems impossible that a processor which controls 16 logical states, with a calculation speed of 16 millions cycles per second, for a total of 256 millions operations, can’t control the mechanical part.

Paying more attention, however, a Delta printer executes 200 square roots per millimeter for each axe (and we have three axes, plus the extruder). We noticed that Delta configuration needs a huge amount of data to work, and it was for this reason that our BigDelta, several meters tall, was printing jerky and the display update was late.

We were blocked in this situation and we needed to push hour research out of open source world, to sail in a see where nobody did.

In fact in open source you can’t find more powerful boards: who developed one doesn’t share it. Many people make full use of shared knowledge but very few of them share innovation.

WASP incudes Dennis Patella between his coworkers. Dennis is a real innovator, he disassembled Marlin program and ricomposed it for our purpose. The mission seemed to be impossible, just like the ones we like more: a RISC processor with 32 bit and 82 millions operations per second, for a total amount of 2624 millions operations per second can do what ten old processors do.

The work is hard: this processors need a three volt source to avoid overheating and energy wastefullness. So motor’s drivers need to be resized just like the mosfet of peripheral’s control and the marks of analogical-digital “comparatori”.

When play becomes hard a Wasper neves steps back, on the contrary, in these situations he shows the best part of him. Therefore Dennis, Roberto and Massimo redesigned the board and assembled it on a Delta 20 40.

As it happened for Resurrection System, we tried to solve some Big Delta’s issues and we found new solutions to emprove our small size solid printers. DeltaWASP 20 40, strong and resistant as it is, was fitting the new board’s calculation power, leaving everybody astonished.

What was happening was a real fight between electronics and mechanical: speed was increasing and acceleration was growing of 150%, 200%, 300%, 400%, 500%... from the 3000 mm/s² we were used to, to 5000, 10,000, 20,000  mm/s².

DeltaWASP 20 40 manages several millions data per seconds, executing them completely. It seemed like it was going to fly.

The green rubber bands which distinguish our suspended extruder (Creative Commons protected) and the whole Delta’s features make this kind of results possible. Movement speed up to 1000 mm/s and acceleration up to 20,000 mm/s².

The enthusiasm was at the top when we understood we were in front of one of the fastest printer in the world. pheraps the fastest.

At the 3D Print Hub in Milano, WASP will present the DeltaWASP 20 40 Turbo version. The printer was already one of the fastest in the market and now is the first that reaches 1000 mm/s.
The group, that is working on the development on the BigDelta (a tall robot 3D printer, designed in order to build houses with ecological and 0km building materials) faced the necessity of having a more powerful electronic board and processor in order to move the arms of the printer at high speed and with a better fluidity of movements. From this need, start the new project of WASP: the modification of the firmware that command the printer (Marlin), a re-designed pcb board with a 32 bit RISC processor able to do 82 million operation per second.
“In the open source world we didn't find more powerful boards: all firmware are for Arduino Mega. This has forced us to take a great work of 'discovery and development' that we share in open source. We know the valuable knowledge that we have been donated by the community until now” says Massimo Moretti, WASP founder.
The Waspers have tried this powerful board on one DeltaWASP 20 40. The result was incredible: with 250-300 mm/s of travel speed, with the implementation Turbo the speed can grow up to 1000 mm/s. Thanks to the characteristic of the DeltaWASP 20 40, the precision remain the same.
The discoveries in WASP are almost monthly, the group in fact re-invest into research a big amount of the gains from the sale of 3D printers. An Italian company that contributes to the sharing of the knowledge and to the diffusion of instruments, with the intent to allow , through the 3D printing , to initiate a real production.
Meanwhile, the invitation is for Milan, 5, 6, 7 March, to see one of the fastest FFF printer in the world, pheraps the fastest.