3D printed Mannequins at FAB14

3D printed mannequins at the main event of FAB14

At FAB14 2018, WASP Hub Madrid, in collaboration with FABRICADEMY, presents the first series of mannequins 3D printed with the Delta WASP 3MT INDUSTRIAL using the pellet extruder, a technology that could print a single mannequin just in 3 hours.

3D printing at WASP Hub in Madrid

Digital manufacturing and innovation. Fab14 is the international event during which every year over 1200 FabLab, coming from various parts of the world, meet to discuss and share the results achieved so far thanks to their research and their experiments. It is also an opportunity to create important collaborations for the future.

Esp0sizione a Parigi photo credits FABRICADEMY

After the opening event held in Paris, the FabCitySummit, this year Fab14, unfolds in different stages and locations in France, which have been chosen according to the issues addressed: agriculture and food, ecology, economy, education, energy , mobility, science and research, solidarity, until the "main event" in Toulouse, from 16 to 22 July, which will be dedicated to digital manufacturing.

The mannequins with the FABRICADEMY's leaders are exhibited both at the inaugural event in Paris and at the closing event in Toulouse, where on July 20 and 21, Gianluca Pugliese of WASP Iberia will be present.

The Delta WASP 3 MT is a multi-tools printer that allows you to create objects in complete freedom. It can be equipped with several extruders and in this specific case, the pellet extruder (the one which prints directly from granes) was used

For information: info@wasp3d.es

WASP hub Madrid in collaboration with

3d printed motorcycle fairing

LACAMA, 3d printed motorcycle fairing by WASP Hub Madrid

3d printed motorcycle fairing, great project developed by WASP Hub Madrid for Italian Volt, a start-up founded in 2016, for the production of fully customizable electric motorcycles under the Lacama brand.

WASP Hub Madrid has developed and tested a workflow that allows to print, with the 3D printer Delta WASP 3MT industrial, the fairing of the electric motorcycle in one piece and in technical material, Polyamide with carbon fiber.


The collaboration with Italian Volt, has been a success because thanks to the 3D printing process optimized for the company, each Lacama motorcycle can be a unique example. It can be customized according to the customer's taste and without having to create expensive injection molds.


Ceramic kiln optimized for the Clay Kit 2.0 by WASP Hub Madrid


A custom kiln to fire 3D printed clay object, made using the Clay Kit 2.0 with LDM Wasp Extruder, the klin has the working area equal to the maximum printing area of Delta WASP 2040; the kiln was made to be  affordable and to allows people to use it also in their home, it's need just 2.8kW to run and a hig temperature firing results very cheap.