Lelio Leoncini

Lelio Leoncini of WASP Med team recounts the 3D Orthopedics

Scoliosis is the black beast of Orthopedics. 3D Printing permits to make great strides to perfect the current method of acquisition and production, offering a better cure for the body dysmorphia.

Lelio Leoncini, Surgeon specialized in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, is fully convinced about this and since December 2014 he has been working with a Delta WASP 4070, experimenting orthopedic corsets.

As is known, corsets are the only one way scientifically-proven to cure vertebral dysmorphia. "First of all I looked for an instrument (Rasterstereografia-Formetric 3D) that permits to constantly supervise without X-ray examinations the evolution of scoliosis - says Lelio - This experience made me able to identify the critical points of orthopedic corsets and their effectiveness, and it was an incentive to search for new technological solutions".

Which advantages we can find using a CAD-CAM System and 3D printing compared with the current method with a plaster cast?

CAD-CAM acquisitions: low costs infrared sensors; simultaneous acquisition of all the torso in half a second with the possibility to make corrections in this phase; possibility to work in the dark; acquisition space reduction; a more accurate system with the possibility to better control corrective actions; modeling in 30 minutes; disposal of plaster cast.

3D Printing: no waste and possibility for recycle corsets; the possibility to post-modeling corsets; low costs; low weight; elimination or reduction of armors; to improve the aesthetic quality.

"Corsets have to be accurate for a good therapy - says Leoncini - It's indispensable to know the biomechanics of the rachis and corrective principles of the Torso orthoses. The synergy between the Medical Doctor and the Orthopedist is necessary (...) and also the digitalization of the orthopedic workshops".

Lelio is sure that the medical environment needs always a technology implementation. "I've always been interested in technology. (...) Medicine is a science and (...) there is always the possibility to develop. The innovation is the right instrument to cut down barriers and give opportunities to disadvantaged people".

Maimed in a minefield, now Niazai can run again with a 3D printed prosthesis

Niazai comes from Afghanistan. Some years ago he blew up for a minefield explosion.

“I met him for the first time in Trieste – says Eng. Marco Avaro – he was using a sort of plastic prosthesis made as best he can and fixed with rags. The stump was bad, some edemas were becoming infected”.

Immediately Marco made for him a new provisional prosthesis, free of charge. But Niazai needed also a house and food, so the Ics of Trieste (Consorzio italiano di solidarietà – Ufficio rifugiati) found a solution.

He became Refugee with the Dublin Regulation, Niazai obtained the Residency Permit and Health Care from the Ass 1 (Azienda servizi sanitari) of Trieste.

Now Marco has made a new prosthesis 3D printed with a Delta WASP 2040 TURBO and, as you can see in the video, Niazai can walk again. “See the eyes of this man – says Marco Avaro – Could you put a barbed wire between you and him?”.

Next WASP's events at Exposanità

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WASPMEDICAL: maker economy stampa 3D e biomedicale.

(Special Guest Ing. Marco Avaro and Dott. Lelio Leoncini)

15:30 - 16:30

Sala Convegni

Collaborazione online e stampa 3D per una biomedica accessibile a tutti.

14:30 - 18:30

Room Rossini Amezzato Padd. 21/22

Here some photos from the Stand with our new 3D printed furnitures, strictly Maker Style!

A prosthetic hand with a Delta WASP 2040

A very simple prosthesis projected for people who has lost fingers or a piece of palm, realized with a Delta WASP 2040 by Enrico Perrucci (Cosmo3D). He belongs to the Enable Community Fundation, an American Community dedicated to 3D printing for customized, low costs prosthesis free of charge. Perrucci is now working on an Assembly Kit to educate children into schools to understand disability.

For more information here.