The LEDbyLED creations with Delta WASP 2040. Is it possible to give shape to the light? The question sounds as ambiguous, but the answer will surprise you…a 3d printed led lamp.


The light is heat, light is expression of life. From these assumptions LEDbyLED enlightening design, through the use of highly performing 3d printers Delta WASP 2040, is able to “shape the light” giving a touch of innovation and striking design to all environments of daily life.


LEDbyLED is a Italian artisan company specialized in the production of design lamps with LED technology and 3D printing. The creation of the design lamps is the result of a symbiosis between LED lightning technology, 3D printing of the lighting elements, and a careful choice of the design of the lighting and decorative  elements strictly eco-friendly.


The result is modern lamp, personalized, with attention paid to the smallest details and with a high energy efficiency rate.

How is this possible?

It all begins from a project 2D/3D that aims to meet and define the taste of the people and environments which will host the lamps. Next comes production, where lighting elements are printed; 3D printers Delta WASP 2040 perform this task admirably, by going to shape the elements with millimeter accuracy.

The material used for these specific creations is PLA, a natural bioplastic, easily disposable and with an excellent transparency, which is perfectly suitable for use as casing for the 3d printed led lamp. The PLA in fact is completely biodegradable and compostable, so that the entire life cycle of the lamps can be defined as sustainable.

When precision is all

In LEDbyLED lab, the 3D printers Delta WASP work “like a charm” allowing the company to produce flawless products, with very accurate details, and efficient in all aspects.

With WASP printers is possible to shape the light, giving it a shape that unites it to the environments of our daily life. LEDbyLED proposes the best products created by craftsmanship and by innovative technologies in lighting and productive design.


What is your lighting concept?

Each person has a special and exclusive relationship with their own home, with their work environment or relaxing. For this reason LEDbyLED enlightening design shall provide its own PROJECT DEPARTEMENT which will provide for development and realization of your idea of enlightenment, proposing a project from scratch or developing it according to your furnishing requirements.


“So we shape the light, and we let the light to guide us through the process, step by step: Step by Step, Led by Led”