TELESCOPIC LIGHTS PROJECT: Modular telescopic lamps, printable. In offset, inclination, section and length.  Variable.

Material: PLA/pet-G

T: componibile, variabile, adattabile

Stampante 3d: Delta WASP 2040, Delta WASP 4070, Delta WASP 3MT



The telescopic lamp, comes from a specific need, the lighting project of Sant’Agnese 10, a historical space protected by the Superintendent of Fine Arts in Mantua, transformed into a co-working space.

In this case it was not possible to install wall lamps because they were protected by architectural constraints, the only possible points were reinforc ement bars that cross the rooms.

The design comes from the need to study a solution that was adaptable to the space turned in formal terms, that was long enough and light to get to the work stations and that was aesthetically interesting and flexible. The blocks have been studied that on one side and the other allow the stability of the lamps that are constrained to the blocks but that allow 180 degrees of rotation around the vertical axis in order to allow an adjustment of the light point.

The idea therefore arises from specific needs combined with the simulation of natural structures such as the telescopic forms of nature so that it was possible to compose more or less pieces in different ways by changing the direction of the joint, following the formal key of the arch, being in this case the vaulted spaces.


Technical details:

The basic section is a convex triangle, similar to a herald, which is shaped so that the final part of each piece is as large as the initial part of the next, in this way the pieces by friction structure a finite shape. The effectiveness of this system is that for the simplest forms it is possible to print offset, saving time and being able to produce interesting lengths and particular inclinations with the appropriate design.

The prints for each single “horn” lasted 5/6 hours depending on the definition of printing, with the Delta WASP 2040 3d printer.

The blocks instead of attacking the bars being practically full took 10 hours each.