WASP featured on ‘Macondo’ on Rai 3 in the ‘House of the Future’ episode

On the third episode of the TV show ‘Macondo‘, broadcasted by Rai 3, WASP is featured as a representative of the ‘House of the Future’ for its dedication to sustainable architecture using natural materials and 3D printing technology.

Massimo Moretti, WASP’s founder, takes us on a tour of WASP’s headquarters, explaining the history of the company and its evolution throughout the years, from the construction of the first architectural size 3D printer, to the creation of Gaia, the world’s first 3D printed house in raw earth.

Flavio Gioia, head of the R&D department, and Francesca Moretti, CEO of the company, delve deeper into 3D printing technology, explaining its functioning and showcasing some of the company’s greatest accomplishments, including the creation of two pop-up stores that were 3D printed on the beach of Dubai for Dior.

The TV service concludes with a preview of WASP’s ongoing project: Itaca, a 3D printed micro-farm currently under construction in Imola, near Bologna.