A new digital factory system for customized serial production through LDM 3D printing

digital clay factory for customized serial production with 40100 Clay Production

Since its beginning, WASP has been focusing on the development of a 3D printing system that allows the use of natural materials such as Clay. After years of constant research and improvement, we developed the most advanced solution for 3D printing ceramic and other experimental paste materials with the newest version of the Clay Line 3D printers: WASP 40100 Production

A new concept of manufacturing, combining additive technology and serial production

Delta WASP 40100 Clay Production is a machine that introduces a new concept of manufacture by combining additive technology, customization, and the concept of seriality creating a mass production system.

24/7 production of custom 3D printed pieces

It is an automated process for 24/7 production of custom-designed 3D printed pieces with technical fluid-dense materials. This is made possible by Continuous Feeding System (CFS), an internationally patented system with mechanically degassed material that replaces the limited capacity tank, and the Automated Production System (APS), which allows the printer to move the object away and start a new one immediately.  

production system with coveyor belt
WASP 40100 Production with Continuous Feeding System and Automated Production System

From prototyping to serial clay production with our new slicing software

Thanks to WASP’s new slicing software, it will be possible to go from prototyping to serial production even with different pieces in the same gcode. The new online tool, which will be launched soon, will greatly facilitate parametric design for 3D printing even without a dedicated background. 

parametric modelling and slicing software for clay 3D printing

Create vases, tiles, facades, and design objects with the new digital factory

WASP 40100 Clay Production will allow users to create sets of vases, tiles, facades, design objects, and many more applications. Stay tuned as we unveil new case studies and images of the system in action!

detail of ceramic 3d printing