WASP App v0.2 is out now!

WASP App is a new slicing and parametric 3D modelling software for clay 3D printing that lets you create your own design objects by manipulating a series of parameters, such as shape, size, texture, and slicing settings.   

Users will be able to export their gcodes and print them right away using WASP’s Clay 3D printers, even in series, printing multiple pieces one after the other. 

A new approach to Parametric design 

With WASP App you will be able to start printing even without a dedicated background in 3D modelling and slicing.

Experiment directly with the machine and explore your creative potential simply by following the main steps of the application.

  • Select your printer
  • Shape your product through parametric design
  • Add a texture
  • Edit slicing settings and Export your gcode
WASP App for 3d printing clay vases
WASP App clay 3D printing details

Full compatibility with WASP Clay 3D printers

Since the beginning of 2012, WASP has been actively pioneering and setting a new standard in the world of clay 3D printing, proudly standing as one of the major key players in this field, from the small size to the architectural one, printing raw earth itself. 

In 2014, thanks to Tommaso Casucci as our developer, we created our first software called Vase Generator. From that moment on, our team members have continued working extensively on it, utilizing their knowledge and skills in Parametric 3D modelling developed using Grasshopper and Silkworm.   

New features coming soon

After the launch of its Beta version in June 2023, WASP App v0.2 will be available to the public starting from August 2023 at www.app.3dwasp.com   

With version 0.2, users will be able to access the app freely by web and experiment with it, exporting their gcodes and testing them on their 3D printers. Payment plans are going to be integrated with later, more defined versions of the app.   

New exciting features will be added in the following months, including the possibility to queue different gcodes in the same file, creating a variety of unique pieces with ease, including different sets of vases, tiles, facades, and design objects. This upcoming feature fits perfectly with the recently launched WASP 40100 Clay Production System, the digital factory designed for automated 24/7 production of customized pieces.


production system with coveyor belt

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