Continuous Feeding System WASP

ContinuousFeeding System

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The world’s first continuous supply system for fluid-dense materials for additive manufacturing that replaces the limited capacity tank with a virtually infinite power system.

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Continuous Feeding Systemis the ideal tool for professionalproduction of 3D printed ceramic objects.





Continuous Feeding System - details

COMPONENT AND FEATURESContinuous Feeding System

  1. Connection wiring for Delta WASP 40100 Clay
  2. Continuous Feeding System
  3. WASP LDM XL 3.0 extruder with special connecting flange

  4. PTFE/INOX connecting tube
  5. Rotating stand for CFS

A new system for the ceramic industry

The Continuous Feeding System responds to the needs of the additive market in the ceramic manufacturing sector by replacing the 5l aluminum tank with a pump to print without ever running out of material. With continuous feeding, not only are the tank and compressor no longer needed, but it is also possible to handle harder materials and print faster with consistent material flows.

Compatibility with Delta WASP 40100 Clay and other printers

The CFS is compatible with all Delta WASP 40100 Clay as a stand-alone kit and the rotation speeds of the elements can be controlled by the two integrated LCD displays. However, the 40100 Clay released from August 2022 (check product sheet) already have the predisposition for the connection of the included wiring, and allow the use of the CFS synchronously, that is, the speed of rotation of the transport screw is controlled directly from the gcode.

CFS was created to be installed on WASP printers, but can be adapted to most of the existing machines.

Continuous material printing system

The CFS can be fed continuously without ever interrupting the printing process. The material, after being mixed and brought to the correct consistency for printing, can then be introduced before the start of the system from the large side door and subsequently from the circular inlet hole during the printing phase.

Ease of printing and maintenance

It no longer matters that the material is compacted and degassed before being introduced, since the continuous movement of the mixer can easily remove all the air bubbles. An outcome that is difficult to achieve with standard tanks.

The lower transport area has an auger that has the task of pushing the material up to the extruder mounted on the printer. The connection PTFE/INOX tube is in fact solid enough to work in harmony with the whole system without creating any particular effort either for the 3D printer or for the CFS.

All areas exposed to contact with the wet material are made of resistant stainless steel in order to prevent oxidation. The system can be easily disassembled and is precisely designed for cleaning and maintenance.

Continuous Feeding System - WASP


Technology Continuous Feeding System (CFS)
Capacity 11 liters
Max output 30 kg/h
Compatible nozzles diameter 4 – 6 – 8 mm


Dimensions 36x32x158cm
Weight 60kg

Packaging dimensions 80x120x73cm
Weight with packaging 120kg

Maximum autonomy

The CFS allows the continuous printing of pre-mixed fluid-dense materials on Delta WASP 40100 Clay, during printing the material is added from the circular inlet hole.

Automatic material outgassing

The upper mixer compacts and degasses the material ensuring homogeneity of flow in printing.

Synchronous use *

The speed of the CFS transport screw is synchronized with that of the extruder, in this case therefore you will not have to worry about manually changing the speed or interrupting the transport of the material when the extruder is stopped.
* check compatibility.

Easy disassembly and cleaning

The CFS has been designed to be easily cleaned, this allows you to easily switch from one type of material to another.

More viscous materials

Compared to traditional tanks, the CFS allows you to push more viscous materials towards the extruder, avoiding the collapse of the pieces and consequently increasing the printing speed.

Unneeded compressed air

The CFS uses brushless motors both for compression and for the transport of the material, therefore not requiring compressed air.


Built-in dual PWM controller synchronous cable control


Input 220/240V 50/60Hz (110V on request)
Absorbed power Max 450W


Ambient temperature of use 15-30 °C
Warehouse temperature  0-30 °C


Frame and cover stainless steel, steel
Base steel


Refractory materials


WASP LDM XL 3.0 Extruder with special connecting flange
PTFE/INOX connecting tube
Rotating stand for CFS
Use and maintenance manual
Connection wiring for Delta WASP 40100 Clay


LDM WASP Extruder 3.0 is the new extruder for clay materials

LDM WASP Extruder XL 3.0

WASP’s new extruder for fluid deposition modeling, which allows fast, precise, large and hard mixture prints.


Degassing extruder avoids the formation of air bubbles in the mixture
Extrusion control with the possibility of re-entry
High torque motor for printing hard doughs
Connection tube internal diameter 20 mm
Nozzles 4, 6, 8 mm

Discover Delta WASP 40100 Claythe perfect printer for Liquid Deposition Modeling technology.

Oggetti di grandi dimensioni per l'industria ceramica

Continuous Feeding System Materials

Red Earthenware

Red Earthenware for LDM WASP Extruder and LDM WASP Extruder XL.




Refractory materials


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