WASP is forever

WASP Forever is a new service for the WASP Community whose aim is to create a long lasting relationship between the WASP 3D printers user and us, in order to develop a technological dynamism and a deeper attention to each client’s needs for a continuous improvement.


Continuous Improvement

At WASP every day we work to improve ourselves and to produce more and more performing and stable 3D printers in order to guarantee quality and performance using more and more technical materials.


We have been investing in the Research&Development since the beginning

When we were born in 2012 many supported us by buying Power WASP, a fast, cheap and versatile 3D printers and today our 3D Printers lines are sold all over the world.
The income has always been invested in the Research and Development of new projects in the perspective of a productive revolution and a circular economy for a common widespread wellness. Our research proceeds in parallel in the fields of sustainable and functional materials and innovative systems.

Join in WASP Forever

Anyone who has purchased a WASP 3D printer enters in the WASP Forever community and can benefit of several advantages.
Please fill in the form specifying your requests.

Don’t you belong to WASP’s Community yet?

Ask for a Delta CONSULT, Request a PROTOTYPE Sample, Book your VISIT at WASP.



WASP Community

It’s a community among all 3D printer users created to share information about WASP technology and to count on a relationship that makes the difference. Subscribe to our Newsletter and Webinars on 3D printing news. Subscribe here.

Remote Assistance 4.0

This is a remote support, a web monitoring assistance provided by WASP technicians who verify print logs and /or update firmware and promptly respond to some anomaly of machines of the Industrial 4.0 line.

Technical Support

Our technical Support provides professional assistance to WASP technology and responds to the use and efficiency of the 3D printing materials produced and distributed by WASP. Access to support here. Read Warranty details and Support Policies here.

Delta Diagnosis

Check-up of your Delta WASP and analysis of possible technological upgrades. Ask for a diagnosis on your 3D printer.

Rolling Release

WASP technology is always up to date on the latest releases launched by WASP R&D team. Get a quote for an upgrade to your Delta WASP printer.

Exclusive Rebate

Info Request on available rebates.

Quick Access to Stock Material

Quick and fast access to large quantities of material not available on the 3dwasp.shop. Make your own request here.


Warranty Extension

WASP offers a Warranty extension service for the duration of 1 more year to be subscribed when you purchase the printer. It is possible to ask for an extension of the service at discounted prices. Contact us for more details and you’ll learn the rebate dedicated to you.

Remote Assistance 4.0 Extension

The machines of the Delta WASP Industrial 4.0 line work connected to the internet network and can also be controlled by smartphones and tablets. The Remote Assistance 4.0 can be purchased together with 3D printers of the Industrial 4.0 line. This is a remote web monitoring assistance provided by WASP technicians verify print logs and /or update firmware and promptly respond to some anomaly of machines of the Industrial 4.0 line. It is possible to ask for an extension of the service at a discounted price. Contact us for more details and to learn the discount dedicated to you.

TRY&BUY - Aren’t you persuaded yet?

Ask for a Delta CONSULTING:

A WASP 3D printing expert (technical – sales) will be available to answer questions about the feasibility of your 3D printing project.

Ask for a PROTOTYPE Sample:

Prototypes aimed to the evaluate/purchase of a WASP printer.
For custom prototypes aimed to decide for a purchase of a printer, you have to send .stl files via we-transfer to service@3dwasp.com indicating your data (Surname, Company, Address), which WASP Delta printer you want to use and the chosen material. WASP will send you a quote and if accepted we will make the prototype-sample. WASP will discount the full value of the printed sample in case you decide for the purchase of the printer.

Book a VISIT at WASP:

To personally test your own material on a Delta WASP machine with the help of a WASP technician. (fee paying)


Discover our INDUSTRIAL 3D Printers

Versatility, ease to be used, productivity. These are the features that have always guided the development of WASP Industrial 3D printers and that characterize the new  printers in a more evident way. Discover our new Large scale 3d printing line and a new Serial Production System for Clay 3D Printing.

large scale 3d printing

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