FabLab Venezia is a digital fabrication lab, belonging to the international fablab network. It offers technological support and training to different subjects like enterprises, creative people, artisans, making its machines and its technical knowledge available to a wider public.

Born in 2013, it is very active in the rapid prototyping world, developing projects thanks to cnc technologies and 3d or parametric modelling, it has been into several co-design and consulting experiences.

Fablab Venezia is committed in professional training and teaching for the youngers, through the Fablab Venezia Edu programme, and gives all the makers the possibility to become a member in order to gain autonomous access to all the spaces and machines of the lab.

Site: www.fablabvenezia.org
Email: info@fablabvenezia.org
Ph: +39 3470088463
Address: via delle Industrie, 9 – c/o VEGA Parco Scientifico Tecnologico, Edificio Auriga – 30175 Marghera VE


Workshop and Courses

3D Printing Service

3D Printers pieces Sales

Sales of WASP 3D Printers

Technical Support

Projects Development


FabLab Venezia especially puts its efforts into two segments: giving support to realize projects and prototypes, being able to govern the entire process from the design to the physical production and offering teaching and personalized training, especially for unemployed or young people.

The innovative technologies are the heart of the lab, technology transfer and the diffusion of a digital culture in a broader sense are its mission. We work to help citizens and firms digitalize themselves, in order to create more sustainable and smarter systems.


Leonidas Paterakis

tecnical director

Andrea Boscolo

fablab manager

Alberta Menegaldo

project coordinator

Andrea Spiller

project manager