Great start of 2022 for WASP, we are joining Autodesk Technology Centers program! 
The Autodesk Technology Centers in San Francisco, Boston, Toronto, and Birmingham, UK, brings together industry, academic, and entrepreneurial communities to create a shared vision of the future of making. In these spaces, they help bring to life solutions that enable people to turn ideas into realities and shape a innovation.

WASP is joining as a satellite resident team to create a channel of information between the Autodesk Technology Centers Outsight Network and WASP headquarters in Ravenna, Italy. This cooperation will enable WASP to explore the horizons of 3D printing construction with the industry-leading solutions developed by Autodesk.

WASP has been developing technologies for 3D printing sustainable housing since 2012 by printing with natural materials, such as soil and natural fibers. Crane WASP is the modular 3D printer that processes these materials, shaping the future of housing. 

3d printing of the pop-up store wall for Dior with Crane WASP

The diverse community of current and former residents, customers, industry, colleges and universities, start-ups, and experts within Autodesk will support the WASP R&D team through valuable connections from the Outsight Network to inform on how to explore, develop and test new opportunities.