A new economical model inside a container to give shape to the community knowledge.

It answers to the human basic needs using digital  fabrication techniques.

A huge project and building system in architectonic scale   inside a single container which, through 3D printing, gives shape to a big moving technological village: the Maker Economy Starter Kit. WASP suggests a new living concept and a new economical point of view. The park will be set up in a 400 mq area and introduced on 14, 15 e 16 at the Rome Maker Faire 2016.

A house which doesn’t create debt, on the contrary it improves economy

The Maker Economy Starter Kit is born to promote   a self-producing economy that can be set up everywhere. The WASP’s Ceo Massimo Moretti explains: “Our aim is to create micro independent communities, born and developed  on the community knowledge thanks to advanced self-producing systems, reachable from everyone. The 3D printing is the producing process which allows to realize the no-debt-house, a house which offers more freedom to people, a dynamic house, able to create economy, which produces energy instead of using it. A living solution at zero costs able to satisfy all primary human needs: house, food, energy, health, job, culture. It can be helpful in case of humanitarian emergencies caused by economical or political crisis or in case of natural disasters. An instrument useful to Humanitarian Organizations, Civil Protection, Onlus, National and international Institutions to easily operate in difficult situations or areas.”


Starter Kit

The Starter Kit is born to build houses using materials taken from the place of origin both  natural or recycled as well as standard building materials too. Thanks to this technology  all  gathered knowledge can be spread everywhere via web.  All necessary information to set up a Starter Kit can be freely supplied on line through a series of tutorials which drive the users in the realization of their ideas. The house project together with its contents  is open source and lets project-managers, designers, engineers, architects, enter the web and freely take and exchange contents. In the Kit all Delta WASP models are included: from BigDelta, the 12m high 3D-printer, able to build houses, to the Delta WASP 3MT, multi-tools printer for the realization of furniture-components, vertical gardens, middle-size items together with other building digital systems produced by WASP to realize smaller articles. Other systems are included like: cut systems, systems to modify materials in order to be extruded, supply-systems, recycling ruins or plastic materials-systems. MORE>>

MakerFaireRoma corretto

Event Program

During the exhibition it will be possible to assist the machines working: Laboratories and workshops will show any application of WASP’s technology. A stage will be set in the middle of the mega 12m. printing system. On this stage the Viaggio a Shamballa (Journey to Shamballa), will be read. This is a community story-teller place where everyone can propose and tell his/her own interpretation of our project. In this way we hope to obtain a common view to be realized using all Maker Economy Starter Kit contents.

Thanks to FabLab Venezia cooperation the exhibition area will be transformed in no-stop-working laboratory in which project and print  in scale take place  using several materials to realize a residential unit supplied with vertical gardens too. The FabLab Venezia will introduce the system for the 3D-printable-house self-project studied on purpose for this event.


Press Office
Download here the Press Kit