WASP group will expose a giant 3D printer at Rome Maker Fair


Just two years ago WASP announced his pourpose: printing houses with km0 materials, finding low cost solutions for each territory, to solve the house problems in the world.

It seemed to be just an utopia but WASP is going to achieve his goal and is going to prove it at Rome Maker Fair, on 3rd, 4th and 5th of October.
WASP built a 6 meters tall  3D printer to realize clay buildings and it is already on sell.

“For pratical reasons we will bring to Rome a smaller version, 4 meters tall- explains Massimo Moretti, craftman and real WASP soul- We will print a mixture made of clay and sand. It takes weeks to print a real house, so we will print a smaller building becouse we only have two days. But the print, the mixture and materials have been already tested and they’re working.”
Seeing this giant printer working will  be an extraordinary experience for faire visitors.


Self confidence, innovation and research characterize WASP. The project is self-financing by spreading technologies and knowledge to change the general approach to work, even creating work. The 3D printers for polymeric materials line is between the most precise and fast in the world, and finances WASP’s research, by giving to little and middle dimension industies instruments for rapid prototypes.


“We have a big goal and we work everyday in little things to achieve it – continues Moretti- We created first commerciable extruders for clay, porcelain and ceramic, to give the chance of producing objects which have functionality and commerce value. Thanks to clay printing it is possible a real self-made production that is practical and commerciable.
“Work and progress are the cornerston of our thought” concludes Massimo Moretti.
By the way, WASP is the acronym of World Advanced Saving Project.


Don’t loose the show at marquee B, stands 9-10-101 at Rome Maker Faire #MFR14