3 years ago WASP brought his DLP at Rome Maker Faire. The main problem of this system has always been the cohesion and so the detachment of the piece from the projection surface.

Most of the producers use silicone rubbers between the printed piece and the surface to solve this problem. Some months ago it was launched a DLP which uses oxygen instead of silicone. The research is focused on a smart and cheap process to detach pieces from the printing surface.

For WASP the project was physically on hold but still going on in our mind, until two months ago, when we had an epiphany.
We created a new approach, a new way to print. In these two months the project improved to become more and more precise. And now we can say it, we have Top WASP DLP.

There will be an official launch very soon, for now here you have the printing tests in chronological progression!

WASP DLP barchette