Healthcare has always been a huge branch of the applications for additive manufacturing since its beginning. This sector is showing us how tangibly 3D printing can improve our lives but also challenging every new technology and inspiring innovation.

In this context, WASP is proud to unveil the results of its work on printing medical-grade PEEK from pellets with a brand new line of 3D printers: Delta WASP Tech line.

PEEK pellet 3d printing

Printing medical-grade PEEK makes possible to realize implants from digital designs with a material that has uncomparable performances at a relatively low-cost. This is something that can revolutionize the field of implants.

The idea of printing the PEEK implants from pellets came from the long research carried on with Dr. Villiam Dallolio on the creation of cranial prosthesis with 3D printers.

Tests show how the resistance of the prosthesis is outstanding with an extraordinary lightness. The prosthesis after the print can be also processed with annealing at 200°C in the oven to improve even more the mechanical performances.

For the future WASP is working on the complete system complete with software, printer, and material to produce the prosthesis from the CT of the patient everywhere in the world.

Another step closer to a world where technology meets basic human needs: WASP’s philosophy.