Ceramic 3D printing

WASP has always focused its workon the development of 3D printing systemsthat allow the use of ceramic materials.

Delta WASP 2040 Clay

Delta WASP 2040 Clay

The ideal tool in the field of ceramics.

WASP 40100 LDM - front view with 3d printed ceramic object

WASP 40100 LDM

Accurate and fast using all ceramic materials.


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New parametric 3D modeling software

WASP App lets you create your own design objects by manipulating a series of parameters, such as shape, size, texture, and slicing settings. You will be able to export your gcodes and print them right away using WASP's Clay 3D printers, even in series, printing multiple pieces one after the other.

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Ceramic 3D printing

Ceramic 3D printing

The 3D printing with clay or other fluid-dense materials is an international research theme of the additive manufacturing.

Polymers and termoplastic are more simple to be printed because they solidify at room temperature after being warmed and they do not give any collapse or fall problems.

On the contrary when, lay by lay, we set down fluid-dense materials like clay through LDM  (Liquid Deposition Modeling) process,there are some limits due to the geometries, to the collapses , to the drying and to the retirements.

In all these cases the extruded material has a foundamental role in order to get final acceptable results.

WASP wants to promote the fluid-dense material use in 3d printing ceramics

Clay 3d printed objects WASP

Since the biginning WASP has been focusing on the development of 3d printing systems which allow the use of functional materials like clay, porcelain, alluminium, zirconium, and advanced ceramics , to improve the digital artcraft and self-production.

3D printing for ceramic art

Ceramic Art and 3d printing blend together in our tests. The alternative materials for 3d printer and the use of clay mixtures, characterise our research. In this path energies from all over the world meet and connect each other.

This is the headmasters-sinergy which combine in the innovation world, through the cooperation with several artists from the international background. The English artist  Jonathan Keep, together with Ivo Sassi, a ceramist headmaster of international celebrity who wanted to cook and decorate some 3D printed items, the Artist Francesco Pacelli who experimented in WASP laboratories (More>>).

LDM WASP Extruder 3.0

WASP has projected an extruder for LDM based on an air compressed cylinder that supplies an endless screw, and set down clay in a selective manner through a stepper engine.

The 3D Delta WASP printers mechanic is perfect for the clay set-down because the printing plate stays still , while the extruder moves setting down the material lay by lay, avoiding like that dangerous vibrations  that could compromise the final object stability.

This mechanism works already very well but there is still a lot to do concerning the materials to be used and to the printable shapes through the LDM process.

WASP Clay Kit with LDM WASP Extruder 3.0

Professional Clay Kit with extruder,
LDM (Liquid Deposit Modeling) WASP Extruder 3.0 for fluid-dense and ceramic materials.


Clay tools

The essential tools for ceramic 3D printing, to be applied to 3D printers dedicated to Clay Delta WASP 2040 Clay and WASP 40100 LDM